RTI over and out

I have decided to call it a day, focusing more on work – and a Norwegian spoken podcast dealing with my own trade, which is marketing and media (please go have a look-see).

Here’s why:

Final episode by Radio Tysnes International

Thank you so much for following RTI since its humble begginings, to its humble demise, but this is it, I’m afraid. Please listen to my justification (I’m sure you’ll agree). Take care, all!

And here’s me wishing you a fabulous summer!


Constitution day special

Norway celebrated its Constitution Day on the 17th of May, and RTI attended the celebration in Lundegrend on Tysnes (above photograph).

Listen to our report – and other Tysnes news – here:

Episode 68 by Radio Tysnes International

Riciculous RTI – or Tysnes? Lada Tour success Mini library opened Boat missing from bankruptcy estate Frustration over discriminating property development Magical Tysnes on TV Crashed into tree Young woman willing to move back to Tysnes Constitution Day Special

Also, local newspaper Bladet “Tysnes” published this footage over @ YouTube:


Episode 62 underway

My apologies for the extremely low level of activity these four first months of the year.

While I cannot promise much improvement, at least you have my word that a new episode is on its way – long before long, with the latest Tysnes news and on life on Tysnes.

Popping to town

The episode includes a brief report on what it’s like when Tysnes locals decide to take a quick trip to town. “Quick” being something of an operative word – or maybe not.

Please do stay tuned.


RTI Weekly Sunday 26 November is live

You will be pleased to learn that today’s RTI Weekly is live over at, available as a permanent episode, presented on the RTI front page tonight (also as a podcast).

We are sorry for the apparently premature Christmas spirit, but we are, after all, reporting on Tysnes events – as they occur and appear. Hence and so forth and so on …


RTI on Internet

Website: Check!

RTI’s route to world domination may be long and winding, but at least now we have our own website in place, in addition to our kind host, Anchor’s site.

While we cannot promise much written content, at least you will find the weekly show on the front page.

Also, please remember to like our Facebook page.

Thank you!